7 reasons to get TED Live

TED talks have inspired me so much. Short, sharp and informative talks in a busy world.

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Just in time for TEDGlobal next month, we’ve rebuilt our TED Live program, allowing you to watch the entire conference—or a single day of it—on a high-definition live stream anywhere in the world, anytime. 7 reasons to try it:

  1. You’ll gain insight into what’s going on in the world. The TEDGlobal 2014 program is designed to look at the forces underlying recent news stories — and at the larger phenomenon shaping our global landscape. As you watch TED Live, you’ll see these big themes emerge, session by session. And you might even see a little breaking news.
  2. It’s cost efficient. Watching all four days of the TEDGlobal conference on TED Live costs $500, and we’ve also added a day pass option, for $200. TED Live is a great way to support TED’s nonprofit mission of spreading ideas —  and get a concentrated dose of inspiration in return.

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