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Children to be taught to create software

Schoolchildren will be taught how to create software code as part of plans to strengthen Britain’s technology and engineering sectors, the Government has signalled. In response to a report on the video games industry, the coalition admitted that current technology education was “insufficiently rigorous”. The “Next Gen” report, published earlier this year, found that pupils should be taught computer science and how to write software code, rather than just how to use existing software, as is often the case today. Meanwhile, a comment piece in today’s Independent makes the case that the teaching of ICT in schools is currently too narrow.
Children to be taught to create software (Telegraph)

Ian Livingstone: Computer science is an essential part of our children’s education (Independent)

Google, Microsoft throw weight behind IT requirement in the U.K.
British officials are mulling the idea of making computer science a key component of school curriculum at every level of education. Google and Microsoft, as well as many education experts, believe making that move could position the country as a leader in the video gaming and visual graphics industries. In the past, Google’s chairman has criticized education in the U.K. for not doing more to build the Internet economy. Brand Republic (U.K.)