Third Year

A major project during year 3 was to make a compelling video. I chose to address the issue of ESL students. The video can be used as an introduction for teachers, parents and students to help them understand how it must feel as a new ESL student.

View some of the other projects we did during our final MaET summer

Students often think they know something but are unable to explain their ideas. This project gives some starting points for discussion for misconceptions and facts.

For this project we were given 30 minutes to find some clips from old video footage and put them together in iMovie. We had to make it clear what concept we were putting across.

I worked with a partner to come up with a short video to show the meaning of courage.

Looking for patterns… what can you see?

Using Photoshop we manipulated an image to create a compelling visual stimulus.

We did some Stop Motion filming. Here is a brilliant Stop Motion video
to show the possibilities…

We were asked to produce a short story that contained only 55 words. Thinking about… what are the essential words to use, can you give it a twist at the end?

55 Fiction. 55 Fiction is a story told in exactly 55 words.

The Audience.

Ballet shoes appear. Twirling, twisting, gliding across the stage.
A lone dancer’s elaborate steps enchant, bedazzle the audience.
The audience smile, happy and content.
Wanting more.
The audience; overwhelmed though curious, always curious,
likens the sight to a heavenly being.
The boy cries; the audience.
Beautiful ballet dancer disappears, always present in his mind’s eye.