Masters Modules

The first year of my Masters was done online. It focused on creating useful tools to use in our classrooms. It helped us to concentrate on problems of practice and if and how technology could be the answer.

Technology Emphasis: Productivity Tools, subject specific hardware and
software, web design

Teaching & Learning Emphasis: Designing instruction using those technologies

CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Computers
CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education
CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice
Technology Emphasis: Productivity Tools, subject specific hardware and
software, web design

The second year was spend overseas in Rouen, France. The emphasis was largely on research and leadership skills.

Technology Emphasis: Web-based and emerging technologies

Teaching and Learning Emphasis: The web as a context for teaching and             learning. Topics may include digital literacy: finding, comprehending, and evaluating information, online and distance education, potentials and pitfalls, how the web changes the role of teachers and students, and web-based learning communities. Also, how to conduct action research and its role in professional development.

CEP 800: The Psychology of Learning in Schools and Other Settings
CEP 815: Technology and Leadership
CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research

Participation and coordination of the RELATE conference.

The third and final year was done in Rouen, France. Emphasis was on creating a compelling video individually, creating a series of short films as part of a team. It also concentrated on becoming familiar with all aspects of iMovie.

Technology Emphasis: Multimedia Technologies (DV capture & editing,
web-based audio & video, embedding MultiMedia)

Teaching and Learning Emphasis: How multimedia technology can be part of compelling educative experiences. Topics may include the nature of
compelling experiences, and how to create compelling experiences with multimedia technology. Also, how to take on a more active leadership role in your profession.

CEP 807: Proseminar in Educational Technology
CEP 817: Learning Technology through Design
CEP 818: Creativity in Teaching and Learning