Resources for year 4, including Webquests, computer use survey, fair use lesson plans and more. Please note that some websites may be inaccessible for security reasons. If requests are sent from legitimate sources then access can be given.

A website with weather and news and much more.

A glogster created and embedded into a google site for blooms taxonomy links.

My wiki spaces.

Year 4 class wiki – our online tool for communication and much more.

Other useful websites

ICT – Mr Robinson’s website with IT tech tips.


Dictionary and Thesaurus

Making sentences

Writing a letter

Ancient Egypt – to assist with report writing

Reading for Understanding

Genres of writing explained

Some useful websites to help with understanding literacy targets on connectives, different phrases and punctuation.


A maths dictionary


Challenge yourself

Problem Solving

Data Handling




Making a graph

Circuits and Conductors

4F Electricity Video from Simple Science on Vimeo. Conductors and Insulators

Keeping Warm

4C Keeping Warm Video from Simple Science on Vimeo.


Ancient Egyptians  *A great adventure game


Climate Change

The Kalahari Rainfall, temperature graphs

The Arctic climate in the Arctic

Antarctica temperature graphs, different zones in Antarctica

News Around the World


The Story of Buddha

Template for Mandala

PSHE – Citizenship

Children’s Rights Song